Snowflakes 6x6mm White

Snowflakes 6x6mm White
Snowflakes are produced for large conditions where the audience is both at a short and long distance. When the small flakes drift in the air, they illustrate a very realistic snow effect. The slow fall of the snowflakes is brilliant to demonstrate snow, however, is not suited for decoration. Mix them with the large snowflakes (code 3094White) and create depth when the differently sized flakes drifts to the ground at various speed.

In the video above, Confetti-World's own PYRO TEAM made a snow storm with a mixture of 10x10mm + 6x6mm.

• Measurements: 6x6mm
• Fireproof
• Stay in the air for a long time
• Made of paper = less static electricity
• Fit all snow machines
• Economical in use
• Delivered in bags of 1 kg.
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Prodno.: 3095White
EAN No.: 5740003102022
Manufactured by.: Confetti-World.com