Fluids for special effects

Fluids to make smoke, bubbles, fire and flames

Numerous of our special effect machines are used with different forms of fluids. We deliver smoke fluid in high quality from MagicFX, which fits the most conventional smoke machines. Additionally, we offer both oil-based and water-based haze fluid. Haze smoke is a thin fog that spreads across the room where light effects are then turned on. Here, it's important that you read the manual of the machine and research whether your machine uses oil-based or water-based haze oil.

Smoke Jet smoke fluid is a strong substance that disappears quickly. It is specifically produced for MagicFX Smoke Jet smoke machine.

Soap bubbles require bubble fluid and our product matches all bubble machines. MagicFX bubble fluid ensures large, bright bubbles with a beautiful play of colours. These machines are able to fill the bubbles with smoke that releases when the bubbles burst. 

If you have any foam parties planned ahead, we offer everything in foam fluids. Foam machines have a high usage of fluid and we therefore offer fluids in concentrated form where you mix with water. This ensures a good economy and safe operation for your foam party. 

Snow machines use fluid to create snowflakes. We sell this as a premixed snow fluid or as concentrate. Both fit all fluid-based snow machines. Artificial snowy weather is like art - snow machines with foam create realistic snow when drifting through the air, however, not as much when lying on the ground. Here, we recommend our series of decoration snow

Our flame fluids are for the MagicFX Flamaniac flame machines. The fluid is fuel and offered in multiple flame colours. Colourful flaming beams are produced when the fuel is released by high pressure and mixed with oxygen. 

Showven granulat is a fuel for machines that create sparks and fits the Sparkular machines. This both applies to Sparkular Spin and Sparkular Cyclone. The Sparkular powder is stocked in different types.