Confetti in all shapes and sizes. The confetti can be used in canons, shooters or just thrown from a high area. The confetti rotates around itself in the air and drifts very slowly towards the ground, which create a prolonged effect 

Everything about Confetti

Confetti can be used on many festive occasions. It might be an award ceremony where gold confetti perfectly suits as a golden rain above the winner. We have all shapes and sizes, including round shapes, suitable for a perfect illusion as gold and silver coins slowly drift to the ground. 

It is possible to mix different coloured confetti, making sure it fits the club, association or the company's specific colours. All of our paper confetti is 100 % biodegradable and therefore suits outdoor use since the material disintegrates in nature. For instance, use our confetti hearts in paper with colours like red, white or pink in front of the church at a wedding. You can also shoot it at the stadium, matching the team's colours when they run the field. Paper confetti thrown in daylight is just as beautiful as a true firework display. Firework is usually prettiest in the dark, however, if confetti in different colours is thrown in daylight it displays the most beautiful colours in the sky. 

Metal confetti is most suitable for indoor use. We produce various types in all shapes and colours. Metal confetti shines and sparkles when hit by the light. That's why the best results are reached by shining as much light as possible at the confetti when it is thrown. Silver confetti can also be mixed with white paper confetti. This way, you have an effective combination since the silver confetti reflects light and the white paper confetti absorbs light. Aside from that, white paper confetti is UV-active.

If you hit the white paper confetti with UV-lighting it will react and light up. UV-lighting is not visible in the dark and it is possible to create an amazing effect by suddenly shoot white confetti into the UV-light. Both our metal and paper confetti are fireproof, meaning it cannot burn by itself. The use of fire retardant in confetti has been of great importance for our customers since many must meet this requirement for the confetti when used in public places with a large number of participants. 

The use of confetti has a long history. Ticker-tape parade is an English definition for a form of confetti parade thrown in a town centre and it originates from USA. The parade is characterised by the large amount of paper pieces released in different shapes and colours from office buildings along the route, creating a triumphant and snowstorm-like effect. The definition originated in New York City as a spontaneous celebration on October 29, 1886 to the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty. This form of confetti celebration is still mainly associated with New York City and these parades are only organised for special events in the city. Additionally, confetti has become widely used at president elections and other political parties. In short, confetti is part of a joyful experience, creating fun and games and gathers people on a festive occasion.