Please read the questions and answers below before using our products

What colour should I choose?
You may choose colours matching the decoration, costumes, or logos etc. 

What is the most impressive?
Together, silver metal and white paper have the largest effect due to the absence of colours. It is possible to illuminate the material with different coloured lighting or simply with white light when shot from the cannon. With silver metal and white paper, you have a material both reflecting and absorbing light. 

Is there any requirement for lighting?
Yes, lighting is necessary to "evoke" a good result. Confetti and streamers do not light up by themselves as firework and thus, it is important with plenty of lights where the material is launched. For instance, if you are launching towards the audience, it is not sufficient simply to light the stage - the light must be directed at the audience. By placing lights only on the stage, the material will look like black silhouettes falling.  

Is confetti and streamers UV active?
Confetti and streamers in white paper are UV active and will light up if exposed to UV light. 

Is there any difference on what to use outdoor and indoor?
Yes, all our products in paper are biodegradable and suitable for outdoor use. All products in metal foil are not to be used in nature and thus, not suited for outdoor use. Both paper and metal products can of course be used indoor. 

What material stay in the air the longest?
Our standard confetti measuring 55x17 mm is the optimal size for confetti flying the longest. It rotates around itself and makes its way around the air. In addition, paper is the lightest material and stays in the air longer than metal foil. 

Is it possible for confetti streamers to burn?
No, all our material is handled with a preparation, which makes it impossible for it to burn. 

Can confetti and streamers smear?
Yes, coloured confetti and streamers are able to smear with longer exposure to moisture. Alcohol is a solvent and accelerates the smudging, so be cautious if beer or liquor are spilled on the floors or tables. Smudging will not occur in dry rooms and by normal use. Avoid smudging in wet condition by using confetti or streamers in silver metal or white paper - these products do not contain colour. 

What must I pay attention to?
Always read the instruction thoroughly when handling the products. Our products cannot be used by persons under 18 years. If in doubt about anything, call us and receive a proper answer before using the products. Our products are used at your own risk.