Our shooters shoot confetti, flags, or streamers high in the air - only with the help of compressed air! 

Everything About Shooters with Confetti

We have Europe's largest selection of shooters with numerous different materials inside. They work due to compressed air, which means there are no gunpowder or fireworks in the shooters. The shooters are approx. 80 cm long and the lowest part consists of a compressed-air cartridge released by turning a ring in the middle of the shooter. The top part of the shooter is filled with confetti or streamers launched by great force. There is hardly any similar effect with such a strong, visual output as these shooters and considered the price, you will get spectacularly large effects for your money. You can bring shooters everywhere and simply scrap it after use. Choose between paper or metal confetti and paper or metal streamers. Finally, we also have them in versions without filling if you have a great idea for the content yourself. These are widely used for shooting candy, homemade confetti and much more. 

At Confetti-World, we definitely sell most of the confetti shooters and we offer them in a variety of colours. They come with both metal and paper confetti, the latter most suitable for outdoor use as it is biodegradable. White paper confetti are UV active and lights up if exposed to UV lighting. Each shooter is filled with an incredible amount of confetti - you can read how much material the shooters contain under each product. We proudly fill our shooters all the way up so you don't pay for a cardboard tube with air, but actually with confetti. The cheapest shooters on the market do not match our high standards - aside from the price, we believe that quality is an equally important factor. 

We also offer a large selection of shooters with streamers. These are 10m long strips shooted high into the air creating long, beautiful lines. These shooters require additional shot range since the range is far longer than a confetti shooter. In each shooter you'll find 50 rolls of streamers and it is all shot with one giant bang. Shooters with streamers are becoming very popular since streamers are easy to clean after the celebrations. The long strips are easy to gather and throw away. Additionally, the streamers are popular even after hitting the ground as guests and audiences often find it amusing and festive to put the strips in the hair or wear them around their necks. Is it an award ceremony, gold streamers are the most popular. They give some amazing press photos when the winners are entangled in flashing gold streamers. 

Finally, we have our series of special shooters. They consist of small pipes measuring approx. 30 cm and they contain special filling that fits special occasions. We offer small pipes filled with red paper hearts - here, 1500 romantic hearts shoot with a bang. These are perfect for weddings in front of the church or town hall for the newly-weds. We also offer the special shooters in a version with shiny, red hearts - these are best indoor. Additionally, we offer a festive pipe with flags - here, 1500 flags can be used on many festive occasions that calls for an extra bang. 

We just introduced a new series of shooters with flags from the largest nations in Europe and USA. These pipes are available in both 30 and 80 cm and we produce them in the following editions: Danish flags also known as Dannebrog, Swedish flags known as Union Jack, German flags, Spanish flags, French flags known as Tricolore, Italian flags, Dutch flags, Norwegian flags, and finally, American flags known as Stars and Stripes. 

All our shooters are safe to use, on the condition that you follow the Danish-printed instructions on the shooter. We produce the shooters ourselves and they undergo a strict testing program before leaving production. If you have any questions about our shooters or some of our other carnival novelties, feel free to contact us.