Crepe Paper Streamers

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Everything About Crepe Paper Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are a legendary product applicable for many festive purposes. The rolls are an English paper form produced by crepe paper with up to a 20 % stretch. The paper is cut in lines measuring 5 cm in width and 20 m in length. The rolls measure approx. 8 cm in diameter. The paper is dyed in clear, beautiful colours - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, white and black. 

The long strips are widely used in stadiums where the audience is handed a streamer, and when the football, handball, ice hockey, or rugby team runs to the field, everyone throws it. The crepe streamers create colourful lines down the stadium in the team's colours. This is a classical happening that has existed for many years - and the joyful tradition lives on, simply because it looks amazing. Besides, the audience is interactively included in the process, which causes a strong team spirit in the stadium. Many fan clubs found their way to our crepe streamers throughout time - our streamers are regarded as the best quality as well as one of the cheapest on the market. Even the clean-up is easy - the many paper lines are merely pulled together as a spider's web and gathered in rubbish bags. 

We also deliver many crepe paper streamers for gymnastic shows where the long, colourful lines are attached to a stick that the gymnasts swing and make circular movements in the air. This creates a beautiful, colourful choreography when all the gymnasts make the same movements. 

It is also possible to use crepe paper streamers as the decoration for parties. The long, colourful lines are able to lace and wrap around each other - possibly two colours mixed as they're hanged around the room. You can choose colours matching the tablecloths and napkins, or merely mix all colours together, creating a true disco universe. Crepe streamers are an effectful product for very little money.

At more than one occasion, we've installed the long crepe paper streamers from a large ventilator. Here, the crepe streamers come alive - especially if they are blown upwards in the air. I you mix the colours yellow, orange or red, you can create a fantastic fire effect. When the long strips dance up and down in the air flow, they look like flames filling the air. 
Our crepe paper streamers are fireproofed with a fire absorbent. This way, there will be no risk of a fire starting. This feature also applies to our paper and metal confetti, paper and metal streamers, and artificial snow. If these products are used in rooms or at events with a large number of participants, the fire authorities will likely demand this - with our products, you are always secured. If you have any other materials not fireproofed, you can always buy our fireproofing preparation Burnlock that works on all absorbing materials. For more information, see the menu called fire protection below. 

We produce all our crepe paper streamers ourselves, which ensures an always high quality. Consequently, tests of the raw material are made before the manufacturing starts. Once the streamers are coloured, cut and packed, they are checked again for their elasticity, colour, length, width and weight, and if the fireproofing works. If you buy our products, you are always certain of a high quality.