Artificial Snow

We deliver artificial snow both summer and winter! 

Artificial snow for Christmas and for wintry effects

We offer Denmark's largest selection in artificial snow for all occasions. We have decorative snow, snow falling to the ground and snow machines - everything is stocked throughout the year and at Confetti-World you can shop 24/7. Our snow types consist of multiple layers with different sized snowflakes, colours, or other qualities required to adapt to any occasion. 

Artificial snow has at all times been used to create the cosy and perfect illusion of Christmas and winter that both adults and children love. Artificial snow is widely used for snowscapes where the Christmas snow drifts around Santa Claus and his elves. However, also in stores and entrance areas are our Christmas snow widely used. In glass cases or display windows it is possible to create a quick but amazing snow decoration. We have a special type of snow called decor snow antidraft that's appropriate for places with a lot of passenger traffic since it's heavy and therefore stays in place.

Each year in many theatres, they make a Christmas show where they often use our snow machines or decor snow to make a local snow shower on the stage. The best illusion of falling snow is created by our snowflakes measuring 1x1 cm - up close, they do not look particularly like snow, however, when they drift in the air, the snowflakes are very reliable. Snow fall can be made with our Swirl Fan, a wind instrument controlled steplessly making it possible to control your own snowy weather. Some theatres have snow machines of their own that consist of drums with lots of holes in them where the snow falls from. 

We frequently deliver artificial snow for themed parties and discos when they create winter themes indoor. The Danish J-Day, where our Christmas brew is launched, large amounts of Christmas snow is used to mark the arrival of Christmas. A snow machine in front of the entrance area in the disco is able to increase the attention and lure a lot of guests inside. Indoor, you can further decorate the place by spreading snow on the floor and let it fall from the ceiling - the guests are then welcomed by a vividly experience in the snow. 

We also offer black snow in our selection. It is a bit upside down, but there has been a large demand on black snow for messes and fashion shows. The theatres have also used this product due to its ashy effect, i.e. creating an illusion for stories like 9/11 where the two twin towers fell in New York. If you mix black and white snow it gives you a fine, greyish black depicting realistic ashes. 

Snow decorations are obviously mostly used in November and December, referring to Christmas, but we've chosen to stock it year-round since artificial snow is used for other projects in different seasons. Our decor snow series is also widely used for movies and commercials. Possibly also fashion shows where a winter collection is to be presented and artificial snow is able to create the right setting and illusion. 

All our types of snow are fireproof and can be used in all public places like messes, theatres, shops etc. Decor snow is produced by polyethylene. The product is allergy-friendly and non-toxic if consumed on accident. The product cannot burn, although, it is included in nature's cycle at industrial burning. 

The snow product called decor snow Iris creates a shiny snowflake like a true Disney fairy-tale. Just add plenty of light, which will reflect the sparkle, making the snow look like a fairy-tale movie. Iris snow can also be combined with the other snow types, creating a sparkly and light-reflecting effect on the top. 

We believe that artificial snow will be big in the future since we Nordic people always wish for a white Christmas. However, global warming might prolong the times we get to experience real snow, which ultimately leads to a desire for creating something similar - and here artificial snow really helps.