Confetti and Streamer Cannons

Cannons for shooting confetti and streamers! 

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Gun is a theatrical prop that fits our series of electrical shooters. It can be used by DJs, mascots, the compére, and other performers who wish to gain attention and shoot confetti or streamers on the audience. 

Power Shot is a ramp with power to electric shooters that contain confetti, streamers, or both. The ramp is loaded with single use pipes, whereas the ramp can be used year after year. It provides the exact amount of power and voltage as the pipe needs and then immediately disconnects. This is the most secure way to shoot electrical confetti shooters. 

Shot Base DMX is a remote-controlled confetti shooter, which you can direct in multiple directions and create a beautiful scattering of the confetti or streamers on the audience. It takes no time to change the pipes if you want to do more shoots within a show.

Swirl Fan is a confetti wind blower, intended to hang above the area where the confetti should fall. Controlled through DMX, it is possible to control the amount of confetti in the air. It is commonly used in theatres, TV studios, and on the catwalk at fashion shows. Its popularity is based on the low-volume and because it is possible to adjust exactly how much it should produce when active. It can be used for both confetti and artificial snow