Confetti Frisbees

Throw the frisbee as far as you can and the confetti will spread in a long line and slowly drift to the ground!  

Everything About Confetti Frisbees

A confetti frisbee is the name of a roll of confetti thrown as far as possible. The frisbee dissolves to confetti in the air and slowly drifts to the ground. Each roll contains 850 pieces of confetti and its round form enables it to rotate around itself in the air, which creates round, soft movements. Confetti drifting like this is also called "bubbles confetti", referring to the round bubbles like soap bubbles. The name frisbee is of course derived from the movement where you throw it like a frisbee in the air. 

This effect is brilliant for throwing it from platforms since the frisbee then have a long area to unfold. It will give you an amazing effect if everyone on the platform throws them simultaneously - it will create an impressive effect for a low price. 

The effect is also used in great extend at demonstrations where you throw the frisbee in the air displaying the colours that fit your party, political orientation, clothing etc. They are also a harmless form of throwable objects with the effect of throwing something at the opponents, however, without any possibility of harming or hurting them.

The confetti is made of biodegradable paper and is therefore very suitable for outdoor use. It is also possible to use them indoor, but only in very large halls and stadiums.