Confetti streamers draw long, colourful lines in the air and look like a true display of fireworks!

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Everything About Streamers

The word streamer is a description that most people connect to a sticker at the car's rear window. However, it is also the description of a, by now, very popular alternative to confetti. Streamers are long, colourful strips of paper thrown high in the air by a cannon. They create a spectacular display of fireworks when the colourful paper strips create long, beautiful lines in the air. They are also called serpentines, however, we believe that this name causes more confusion than necessary since you cannot activate this product by puffing with the mouth. 

In this menu, you can choose paper or metal streamers. Paper confetti streamers are made by silk paper and are available in lengths of 5, 10 and 20 cm in 11 different colours. The white colour is UV-active and will light up in dark if exposed to UV-lighting. Paper streamers have the very best capacity for staying in the air the longest and are even biodegradable. Metal streamers are long strips made by thin metal foil that shine and sparkle when shot from the cannon. We produce these in 6 beautiful colours in lengths of 5, 10 and 20 cm and they are most suitable for indoor use. We have also created a very large version measuring 1 m wide and 200 m long, which can be used as decoration, for instance, by hanging the long strips under the ceiling in an assembly hall or a gymnasium. 

This type of effect has become very popular as the streamers are easy to remove when the party is over. The long strips are easily gathered as they stick together like a giant spider's web. In addition, the party usually gathers around the filling after it hits the ground and people funnily use the strips in the hair or around their necks to dance around with it. 

All materials are fireproof and the fire prevention is still an increasing demand from authorities where the streamers and confetti are used. Confetti streamers are relatively colour-lasting when meeting wet elements - in other words, it will take a long time before smearing occurs. However, if you have a light floor and mix alcohol with the streamers and leave it for a long time, it is possible to smear the material - here, you should choose streamers in white or silver to avoid smearing. White and silver do not contain colour and are 100 colour-proof. If you illuminate these with a colourful light when shot, you can create numerous colours and change them as the streamers drift to the ground. 

Light is an important factor to show the beautiful effect when shooting the streamers. Real firework light up by itself, however, paper and metal foil require light in order to shine. This way, you can multiply the effect and impression by adding a lot of light. If on a stage, it might be installed by the person in charge of lighting to help cast light in the air. If you are outdoor in daylight, the natural light will be enough and if in a stadium, there's plenty of artificial light contributing to a beautiful effect. 

We deliver many different methods for shooting this type of filling. It is possible to use confetti cannons with air pressure as a propellant or our popular shooters that release by turning a ring on the pipe. We also offer electrical shooters that fire through electrical ignition, securing a completely precise launch. 

Gold streamers are probably our best-selling colour as it's often used for award ceremonies and gold winners. They offer some great press photos since the team or sports star are wrapped in gold, unlike confetti, which is equally beautiful when launched, but then falls to the ground. Please note that streamers require a longer area than confetti when shooting. As a general rule, the area when shooting must be twice the length of the streamers. It is important to respect this in order for the streamers to unfold and reach their full potential.