Decor Snow Antidraft 5 kg

Decor Snow Antidraft 5 kg
Decor Snow Antidraft is quite heavier than the other Decor Snow types and therefore ideal for display windows and other areas where draft occurs. Antidraft stays and looks like a perfect thin layer of Christmas snow for a large snowdrift.

• Made of polyethylene.
• Cannot ignite
• Having neutral environmental impact
• 1kg. covers approx. 2 m²
• 1kg. is approx. 16 ltr.
• Delivered in bags of 5kg.
• Delivery is charges by volume
Ships within 1-2 daysOrders received before 2 pm will be dispatched the same day! (working days)
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  • Price per Pcs. at 1 Pcs.
    EUR118,53(excl. VAT)
  • Price per Pcs. at 5 Pcs.
    EUR106,68(excl. VAT)
  • Price per Pcs. at 10 Pcs.
    EUR100,75(excl. VAT)
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Prodno.: 3092XL
EAN No.: 5740003101872
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