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Professional fire abatement - BEFORE the fire occurs!

Burnblock is an effective fire abatement before the fire occurs. An environment-friendly and completely non-toxic fluid you can spray directly at any absorbent materials. When dry, the material will have a fire-retardant function. 

Early, fire retardant was pretty toxic and contained an active ingredients called bromide - this ingredient was highly health-impairing and thus a theatre technician named John Griem decided to invent a new non-toxic product for a flameproof finish. The result became Burnblock and today it is patented worldwide. Here on our website, you can read more on the product and view a video illustrating its function. 

Burnblock is used by most Danish theatres to fireproof scenery, stage curtains, and props. In a normal theatre show, many different materials are used throughout and it is far from all that's been fireproofed from start. Here, fire authorities demand that all flammable materials must be treated with a fireproof finish. This is of course to ensure that no rapid fire develops, which could be dangerous for the performers, the technical crew, personnel, or the audience. 

In nursing homes, an accident often happens when the elders sit in a chair or lie in bed smoking. If they fall asleep or drop a spark without noticing it, it can quickly develop to a dangerous situation. You can prepare everything around the elders with Burnblock and prevent the fire from developing. The transparent fluid is easily sprayed on carpets, interior, curtains, bedsheets, pillows, etc. This will effectively reduce the risk of a fire. It is a small investment to ensure the elders safety against fire in their home. 

We also deliver for multiple messes and shows. Here, many different types of wood, textile and decorations are used that all must be fireproof. This also applies to Christmas landscapes and shows in store windows where they must be treated with Burnblock. 

Demands are also made for fireproofing the many village halls around the country. Curtains, carpets and interior cannot be flammable and here, the Burnblock product is again the cheapest and best solution. The fluid is sprayed in a thin layer on the materials and when dry, the material is fireproofed with up to 90 %. 

In the winter months, we all have a cosy time here in Denmark with candles in Christmas decorations and Advent wreaths - these can also be treated easily. Everything around candles can pose a danger of starting a fire. 

Wherever candles, fire, or cigerettes are used, there is a valid reason for fireproofing the surroundings. In fact, fireproofing can be done in the car, the boat, the summer house, or the caravan.   

The best fire protection is achieved through an incorporation of Burnblock in your everyday life, together with other safety measures. Here, smoke alarms are probably the most effective life-saver ever, but it is still crucial that the fire does not spread and that's where fire retardant is vital. If you have secured your house with a smoke alarm that warns you if any smoke is detected and at the same time weakened the fire's ability to spread, you are highly secured.

Fireproofing with Burnblock secures you and your valuables. We always stock the product and can ship it from day to day.