Decor Snow Standard 5 kg

Decor Snow Standard 5 kg
Large, lightweight snowflakes create the perfect illusion of snow falling and covering surfaces. Decor Snow Standard is the most realistic artificial snow on the market - when the snow falls, Decor Snow Standard is truly impossible to differentiate from real snow. This product is mostly suited for theatre, movies and general stage use where the audience is seated some distance away or when the pictures are not close-ups since the product is pretty coarse. That's why it's widely used in tv, films, the theatre, and commercial and fashion photography.

• Made of polyethylene.
• Cannot ignite
• Having neutral environmental impact
• 1kg. covers approx. 6 m² in 2-3cm depth
• 1kg. is approx. 50 ltr.
• Delivered in bags of 5kg.
• Delivery is charges by volume
Ships within 1-2 daysOrders received before 2 pm will be dispatched the same day! (working days)
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Prodno.: 3090XL
EAN No.: 5740003101810
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