Confetti Shooter 30cm w. Flags BIO

Confetti Shooter 30cm w. Flags BIO

Small confetti shooter with the Danish flag - a truly festive input when you have to celebrate something. A special model with small flags - however, there's A LOT of them.

• Held by hand when shot
• Shoots Danish flags 5-8 m up in the air
• Flags per shooter: 1500 pcs. of 16x24mm
• Filled with compressed air - ready to use
• The filling drifts in the air for a long time
• The filling is fireproofed
• The filling is biodegradable in nature
• Length: approx. 30cm DIA: 50mm
• Highest quality!
• Read the FAQ before purchasing
• Durability: to be used within 1 year
• Always read the instructions before use!

Minimum purchase is 2 pcs.
Ships within 5-7 daysOrders received before 2 pm will be dispatched the same day! (working days)
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  • Price per Pcs. at 1 Pcs.
    EUR7,93(excl. VAT)
  • Price per Pcs. at 10 Pcs.
    EUR7,53(excl. VAT)
  • Price per Pcs. at 20 Pcs.
    EUR7,14(excl. VAT)
  • Price per Pcs. at 40 Pcs.
    EUR6,34(excl. VAT)
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Prodno.: 5503Small
EAN No.: 5740003103210
Manufactured by.: Confetti-World.com